South Street Seaport Elopement

Intimate Wedding

When you meet commuting on Metro North, it is only fitting to take photos at Grand Central Terminal! I love when couples can include personal locations to their wedding days. They even had matching custom tennis shoes! We met there and then took the subway down to City Hall/Brooklyn Bridge for their South Street Seaport elopement.

South Street Seaport Elopement ceremony was conducted by a friend on a terrace at 33 Seaport overlooking the Brooklyn Bridge. The hotel has several suites with terraces overlooking the river and bridge which would be great for a micro wedding. It was actually pretty warm out there for February! (I’d be a bit careful doing a wedding there in the summer, could be quite hot.)

They weren’t open at the time we finished the ceremony so everyone walked over to The Paris Cafe. After a champagne toast, the couple and their dozen or so guests had lunch at Bellini’s with, of course, bellinis! That location is now closed, but there is a location on the Upper West Side at Harry’s Table.

Grand Central Terminal wedding day