For over a decade, Kristy May has been photographing and guiding couples from around the world, US and locals on elopements in New York City.

From City Hall, to Central Park and many other locations in between, Kristy specializes in making your day fun and easy. She knows all the best locations and can help you plan the perfect day in NYC. 


What You Need to Marry in NYC

• a license issued by the State of New York (can be NYC or another clerk's office) See my appointment release date chart to know when to get yours.
• a New York City registered marriage officiant or an appointment at a marriage bureau (AKA, City Hall)
• at least one witness, 18 years or older
• a permit (depending on location and size of event)
• and a photographer, of course!

Not sure where to start? Learn about getting married at NYC City Hall, Central Park, or the best portrait locations or where to have an intimate ceremony.