NYC Elopement with Vintage Taxi


This EPIC full day NYC elopement with a vintage taxi was about two years in the making (though, you don’t need that long to plan one!). When it finally arrived, the Scottish couple were treated to just the perfect October day in NYC. The timeline is based on the locations the couple wanted to take photos in. I worked with them to arrange it the best possible way for logistics, including coordinating with the vintage taxi they hired for the afternoon. It was a great day, despite a few large objects getting in the way! The actual timeline is at the end of the post.

Here’s an except of what the bride had to say in her review on Wedding Wire: “We had a few hiccups on the day (family getting lost in Central Park, food trucks parking and ruining pictures!), but Kristy kept everything on track, and kept us on time for getting to each location. We had Kristy for 8 hours, I think she called it an epic elopement (a term we love!). She made us feel happy and comfortable all day. She pointed out small things such as, when I had to touch up my make up on my nose, that had gone red due to the cold.”


Getting Ready

It all started at their hotel, the Hyatt Centric in Times Square.  The wedding bouquet and boutonnieres are by Designs by Ahn, whose romantic and modern designs I personally love! The views of New York from the hotel were amazing, it was just the perfect day. After a brief dramatic moment when we thought Shelley’s dress had been locked in the bathroom (with no one inside!), someone jimmied the lock and saved us precious time. (I always say, plan in extra time, you would not believe all the crazy stuff that can happen!) 

Ceremony at the Bethesda Terrace

With everyone looking spiffy, we headed to Central Park. I hate when we need to split-up, but with large groups, it is necessary unless you hire a mini bus. It is always good to have at least one person who either knows the area or has a working phone because even with iconic destination like Central Park, you can still encounter idiot cab drivers. This one let the guests out on the South end of the park, not where I had instructed them to go. Luckily they were able to find us without much trouble!

Their ceremony took place at the Bethesda Terrace Fountain in Central Park. The musicians of the Highline String Quartet were there on arrival as well as the officiant Mirelle of Honeybreak Officiants. We decided to do the ceremony in the sun off to the side to keep the musicians warm (the cold may have been factor under the terrace, I want to say it was in the 50s?) and there was a giant crane in the spot I had envisioned next to the fountain in the mind my first choice. Oh well. You can’t permit the area and occasionally it will even be closed (in June and September) on specific dates for galas. (Check the Central Park Conservancy’s events calendar for dates. Usually it will be closed a few days before and after a scheduled event)

Nevertheless, we made it work. Strings positioned to block some trash cans, beautiful backlight, lovely setting- I couldn’t have asked for a better situation given the circumstances. (Ok, I did have to give one tourist the evil eye who was standing directly behind the bride and getting in all the shots. People. 🙂

Central Park Wedding Photos

After the ceremony, we took photos with the family under the terrace and some on the mall before it was time to move on.

NYC Elopement with Vintage Taxi

We then met up with Peter, the vintage taxi driver, of Film Cars NY. He was a real treat, full of all kinds of knowledge and the ride was smooth and fun! We took photos in DUMBO and Brooklyn Heights with the cab and along the waterfront. He even put Scottish flag on out on the car and decorated the rear window with “Just Married” and “Shelley and Paul 10/25/2018”. So sweet!

DUMBO & Brooklyn Heights Vintage Taxi Wedding Photos

And I must say, we were lucky. I wasn’t even going to attempt to shoot where we did because it is usually so busy and I know another more quiet spot which still offers great views for taking photos during a NYC elopement with a vintage taxi. However, that spot was over run by a film crew! Seriously! Anyways, Peter pulled in the turn at Main & Plymouth Streets and the light was perfectly reflecting off a nearby building. Such a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, a classic New York shot! And we were lucky the parks dept. staff were busy elsewhere and didn’t bug us. We had the place to ourselves for ages! It was amazing luck.

Molly’s Cupcakes in the West Village

Next up, it was time to meet back up with the family for cupcakes! I’d seen the yellow exterior of Molly’s Cupcakes in the West Village before, however I’ve never been inside. This shop is a favorite of Shelley and Paul’s from their other visits to the city. Her favorite is the Cake Batter one, even has batter inside! I was treated to a mini creme Brûlée, which was amazing. It was nice for everyone to have a break, snack and some warm tea before we hit the final leg of the day!

This is one of my favorite shots of Shelley and Paul’s NYC elopement, hanging out in their sweet vintage taxi for some photos in the West Village.

Top of the Rock Wedding Photos

Top of the Rock has been a very popular location this past year for my couples. It is no wonder because the views are amazing and the staff there treat my wedding couples so well. Sunset time during the nicest months of the year can be very busy up there so it is not always an easy shoot. However I can usually convince a few tourists to move for a minute or two!

Radio City Music Wedding Photos

On our way to Times-Square, I wanted to do a night shot with Radio City Music Hall in the background. Of course, as soon as I set everything up, a van pulls behind the couple and blocks the view! Really New York, not even a legal spot! It was a kebab vendor unloading a cart. We had a wait 5 mins for him to finish to get these shots. Worth it!

Times-Square Wedding Photos

We ended our journey back where we started with a few photos in Times-Square. Afterwards, we went back to the hotel room for a cake cutting. What a day!

NYC Elopement with Vintage Taxi Timeline

  • 11:00 Getting Ready Hyatt Centric times SQ
  • 11:45/12:00 Leave for Ceremony
  • 12:15 Ceremony in Central Park, photos with family and around park
  • 1:30 Head to DUMBO wit Film Cars
  • 2:00 DUMBO
  • 3:30 Head to West Village
  • 4:00 Arrive at Molly’s in West Village for Cupcakes with family and photos
  • 4:50 Leave for Top of the Rock
  • 5:15 Arrive Top of the Rock
  • 6:00 Sun Set
  • 6:15 Head to Times Square
  • 6:30 Arrive Times Square
  • 7:00 End