Chart for NYC Marriage Appointments

Not sure when you can book your marriage license or ceremony appointment in NYC? I created a handy release date chart so my clients know when the week they want will be released. At the moment, the NYC Marriage Bureaus are by appointment only. In order to get a license to marry from there, you need either an in person or online appointment. In person appointments are released on the Monday 3 weeks before the week you want. Online appointments are released the Thursday just after that Monday. Confused? This is why I made the chart.

Ceremonies are also released on Monday at 9am 3 weeks before the week you are hoping to make an appointment. I say “hoping” because there are very few available and you must be on the site at 9am EST to snag one as they go fast. The photo below is from November 15, 2021 showing all the in person license appointments available.

Good Luck!

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