Greenwich Village & NYC City Hall Elopement

It was suppose to be my last elopement of 2016 yesterday, but instead of one wedding, I photographed two! After meeting up in their cool railroad East Village Air B&B, Dani, Matt and I went to Washington Square Park for some pre-ceremony photos. We even came across a vintage cab parked outside of a taco restaurant in the West Village, what a fun backdrop! While checking in at the Marriage Bureau, the couple ahead of us didn’t know they needed a witness and the clerk asked for a volunteer. Matt was kind enough to offer to do it for them. It turned out the other groom was in the army and had to return to Germany the next day. And then we learned the couple were actually getting remarried! They hadn’t planned on a big deal and just wanted to make things official again. So we all witnessed it and I took photos too. And then they stayed and watched Dani and Matt marry and the other bride got teary eyed and said she hadn’t even cried for her own wedding. It was touching and was a wonderful way to end my wedding season this year. Congrats Dani and Matt and Jay and Daisy!

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