Press Albums

Press albums are a combination of a coffee table book and a traditional album. They offer an excellent lower cost option to photographic albums and are popular parent gifts. Images are printed on press paper and bound together. Cover options include silk, vegan leather, linen or chrome with optional image cameo or fusion cover. Retouching is on a per image basis and a design review is not available, but images are generally 1-2 per page.

  • 5x5 with 10-12 images on 10 pages, $165
  • 8x8 with 15-20 images on 10 pages, $275
  • 8x10 with 15-20 images on 10 pages, $300 or 25-30 images on 20 pages, $375
  • 8x10 with 40-50 images on 30 pages, $475
  • 10x10 with 25-35 images on 20 pages, $450
  • Single Fusion Cover $30 or $20 Square Cover Cameo Image
  • Basic Retouching, $5-8 per image

Production time is about 3 weeks. Shipping is via FedEx, $9.50 - $15. International shipping rates calculated on order.

How to Order

Fill out the form below for each album you wish to order and you will be sent an invoice. Select the images to include in the online gallery by making an account and saving your selections to your Favorites (click the heart icon under an image to add in thumbnail mode) OR email me a list of your image numbers (ex. AB_122,jpg) to


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“Press Cameo not available on the 5x5.
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